Caroline Kappers works with the mercurial qualities of red wine as a watercolour combined with imported archival wine inks and acrylic coloured ink to explore figurative portraits with a vibrant sense of colour and design.

Inspired by life captured through the lens of a camera, the vibrancy of colour, play of light on subjects in nature are all elements that form inspiration behind Caroline's Artworks. Her Art is primarily focused on red wine painted portraits on paper with explosions of bright, cheerful colour and expressive line. 

Wine art is a highly technical form of painting that takes on a different form and texture. Caroline combines this homegrown paint with specialist wine art colours. The hues are bold and powerful, adding meaning to the work which adds to the depth of expression and the long-term investment of her paintings. Born in 1971 in Cape Town, Caroline lives and works in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Her artistic journey has come full circle from art student through to formal graphic design and a career as a commercial designer and marketer. She has returned to expressionist fine art and is being recognised for her wine-made-art and Bokeh style large and small format paintings.

Her work can be found in galleries and collections worldwide. She has exhibited at group exhibitions around the world and is published in the 2014 edition of ‘The Collector’s Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa' including a solo exhibition at Warwick Wine Estate and a group exhibition at the Donald Greig Gallery in the Waterfront.