Yoruba - Limited Edition Giclee Print


Yoruba - Limited Edition Giclee Print



Giclee Limited edition prints from: Warwick Three Cape Ladies 2012, Acrylic Ink & Imported Wine Ink

Size: 54 x 42 cm

Paper: 255gsm Somerset Velvet Paper

Modern and flashy, the “Yoruba” is traditional to a point. Always with her own sense of style, she is fun, forthright and forging new paths for herself. Often frowned upon by the elders, she is noticed by all and inspiring to younger generations. Aware of her own imperfections (shown by the wine drip) she embraces her wholeness. 

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Full Description

Print details;

Edition size: Limited to 50 prints

Size: 55cm high x 42.5cm wide.

Materials: Archival Giclee print on 255 Gsm Somerset Velvet Paper

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. The artwork is sold unframed. The artist recommends the purchaser frame the artwork in a pure white box frame for display. 

Courier and Shipping Information: 

The artwork is packaged in optional flat or tubes in acid free tissue paper and packaged according to reputable archival methods supplied by the artist's framer. The print is shipped subject to the following terms and conditions of sale; All courier and shipping costs including clearances, packaging and sundries on arrival at customs and ports, including 1 delivery address is not inclusive in the quoted sale price and will be an additional cost for the customers account. A quotation will be supplied for approval prior to consignment shipping.